3 B2B Ecommerce Examples Achieving Success in Social Media Marketing

It is common for brands to brag about their success on social media.

According to a recent study, a majority of UK businesses are using social media networks as a marketing tool. The most popular reasons are brand awareness, encouraging social sharing, and acquiring trust and new potential customers.

Social media has proven to be an important sales and marketing channel for B2B ecommerce businesses.

We’ve found three B2B ecommerce examples of companies that have achieved success thanks to social media.


As part of the launch strategy for Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 products, the company came up with something that is known as Create Now.

The concept serves as a central theme for marketing and branding efforts and combines offline and online efforts.

To promote the event, Adobe organized a scavenger hunt around San Francisco. All participants had to choose puzzle pieces from balloons located around the city and return them to Adobe.

Location tips, as well as, product information were shared on Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram. The price – $10.000 + lifetime membership to Creative Cloud.

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2. American Express

A few years ago, American Express presented Open Roum – a website that gives tips to small business owners.

The website is constantly updated with new content, however, the best part is probably Idea Hub. Idea Hub is a forum that allows users to share ideas with each other and with industry experts.

Open Forum attracts more than one million visitors per month and has over 20.000 members. Social media is one of the most popular topics on the forum.

Open Forum is supported through social media channels. Their Facebook page attracts more than 300.000 fans.

3. TippEx

Even though TippEx works as a B2C and B2B company, it is a great example of a business that uses social media to gain brand exposure.

TippEx uses a branded YouTube channel to promote an interactive campaign where viewers can re-write their story.

The company has achieved great success with this YouTube campaign – within 100 days the video can be seen more than 35m times with an average exposure of five minutes. The video has been shared on more than 400.000 times on Twitter and Facebook.

Social media is important for expanding your B2B business. Find an ecommerce platform that can help you integrate social media platforms to your store and share your products, blog articles, and other information directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, and more.

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