How to Calculate Your Domains’ Prices: Determine the Value of a Domain Name


A domain name is worth exactly whatever the purchaser is interested and willing to pay. Read and discover how to determine the value and the domain’s prices!

If you have researched even a little bit about domains and domain names you probably know that the value of a domain can range from a few dollars to a few thousands of dollars. In many ways, this can be considered as an online real estate market – the lucky ones who can find a great opportunity can buy domain name that will be priceless to the right purchaser.

The real challenge in this process is to calculate and determine the real value and price of a specific domain name.


There are some companies and businesses that are paying $200.000 and more for domain names that are highly relevant and important to their business, so you are probably wondering how a domain name has reached that price. What makes it worth actually that expensive investment when the renewal cost for domains is less than $20 per year.

We can say that a domain name is worth exactly whatever the purchaser is interested and willing to pay. Determine the domains’ prices, as well as, its value is a whole process with different factors included such as trends, length, demographics, language, and etc. There is actually no single method or strategy of getting the ideal price and you should know that you need to be really good at it to determine the right value of the price.

The best way to familiarize yourself with domains, domains prices, and their value is to make your own research and gather as many information as possible. You need to take a look at the current sales and check what types of domains are being bought and for what price exactly. You need to pay close attention to similar keywords, length, and other factors that are related to the process so you can narrow down a range that your preferred domain would fit within.</p

An important thing to keep in mind is that only a small number of domain name sales can be checked as only a limited number of sales get reported, meaning there is no comprehensive list. But, don’t worry as there are so many domain names to look at and this will help you understand how much different types of domain names are out there and how much of them have been sold for.

There are some great appraisal services that will allow you to enter a preferred domain name and they will suggest you the smartest asking price. EstiBot is a great tool you can use.

Appraisal services like EstiBot and others are determined automatically based on specific SEO factors such as the number of searches, keywords, monthly searches, Alexa rank, cost per click, and others. Even though these factors are important, there are some other factors that have to be taken into consideration that can’t be calculated by tools and algorithms, we are talking about language, domain’s history, trend, and etc.

If you are interested in selling your domain name and you need to determine the right price, there are a few factors that will help you decide whether or not your domain name is easily sellable. Some of the most important factors are short length, top-level domain, correct spelling, and includes meaningful keywords. If your domain is short, unique, includes relevant and popular keywords, it means that you can ask a good price for it.

In order to determine your domain name’s value and price you need to understand your potential buyers. A domain name is as valuable as someone is interested in it and willing to pay for it, so knowing how much to expect from a buyer will help you set the right number.